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Facility Management Services

AC Maintenance

The purpose of an air conditioning unit is to filter the dust from the circulating air and replace it with fresh, clean air, destroying any bacteria along the way. So aside from cooling, air conditioning units have a medically advantageous effect and can aid in the protection of our health. Regular maintenance and repair is imperative to the efficiency of an air conditioning unit. Neglecting the unit’s basic maintenance will result in dusty and dirty filters, which will block the air flow. Severely clogged filters will cause a swift decline in the unit’s cooling performance, while rapidly increasing energy consumption. Regular maintenance will significantly reduce breakdowns and it is far cheaper to maintain the unit than it is to repair or replace its parts.

An understanding of how an air conditioning unit works is imperative to the smooth running of your system. At LivingStone we perform a series of diagnostic tests to ensure that the unit is functioning properly. This includes cleaning the condenser coil, as a dirty condenser coil will raise refrigerant pressures, in turn increasing electrical costs. A clean interior free from dust is vitally important to your condenser coils and evaporator. The thermostat will be checked to make sure it is accurate, as well as an inspection of the compressor fan and motor amp draw to ensure optimum performance and operational levels. All electrical connections will be examined to ensure safety and extend the life of your system.

Fresh air must be circulated through the condenser and evaporator coils, and it is important that the air conditioning unit does not become mixed with dust particles. The filters should be cleaned at least every other month for home applications and every 3 months in an office environment to prevent a build-up of bacteria. Without proper maintenance your system’s components will start to break down over time. An annual planned preventative maintenance program from LivingStone is all it takes to maintain your investment year after year. This will actually save you money in the long run as it is cheaper to repair than it is to replace most of your unit’s parts

MEP Maintenance

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing accounts for a significant amount of the maintenance required for a structure. Our trained engineers will work to ensure all of your existing systems are in proper working order by developing a full understanding of your specific property and needs.

The services offered are designed to ensure that both preventive and corrective measures are taken at the appropriate time. When it comes to the maintenance of these systems, you must ensure everything is functioning the way it is meant to.This will help reduce the risk of a system failure that may result in serious damage to your home or business.

We works on a variety of structures from residential to commercial properties. Depending on the size and complexity of the system, the approach taken by our engineers and technicians will vary. Whatever your situation entails, you will receive professional service from start to finish. Prior to beginning any job, ETS staff will work to fully understand the specifics of your system and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Civil Maintenance

We also undertakes Civil and Structural works along with all mechanical works that are executed in house. Earth works for pipeline construction, pedestals, sleepers, concrete and structural steel supports along with control room buildings, fencing, etc. are all executed in house. We ensure high quality management and deliver results to perfection.


Moving Services

Our moving team can carefully dismantle pack and transport your belongings to the location as required. We shall unpack and assemble the material as required.